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Adopt a Sled Dog

Not every canine athlete wants to be a sled dog- and that's ok! We want our dogs to have loving and caring homes for their whole lives. Whether they be young dogs who don't want to be sled dogs or old athletes ready to retire to a warm bed, we have several dogs looking for their next adventure as "couch dogs"! They need lots of exercise but are great companions- very loyal, trainable, and friendly.


9 Year-Old Intact Male

Houser has a passion for running but he gets distracted very easily and also gets spooked during races. He's very friendly and would be a great fit for someone who wants and active dog to skijor or exercise with! He does not get along with all other males, but does do great with all females.

Adoptions: Services


12 Year-Old Intact Female

Terri has been one of our main race dogs her whole life. She can run anywhere in the team, including lead, and is great at teaching young males their manners! She likes running more than anything, but she is also willing to accept pets. She is very easy going and intelligent. She would be a great companion to someone who doesn't want an exceptionally cuddly/clingy dog.

She would also do well training younger sled dogs at a small kennel, but she can no longer go on extended runs as she has a tweaked back leg that can get inflamed when she runs too hard.

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7 Year-Old Intact Female

Sugar is a very intelligent and opinionated dog. She has been on our tour team for her whole time at the kennel, but she pulls inconsistently--she's too smart to work hard on the uphills. She could do well at a smaller kennel or with a newer musher.

She is very sweet and affectionate. She has never been inside before, but keeps a very tidy bed in her dog house!

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Hash Brown

1 Year-Old Intact Male

Hash Brown has never met someone he doesn't want to be best friends with! He is jumpy and excitable, but also sensitive and trainable. He is very playful with both people and other dogs. Such a sweetie and so goofy, he can't wait to join a family that will let him get out his energy!

Adoptions: Services


6 Year-Old Intact Female

Kathleen has an exceptionally soft coat. She is very affectionate and loves to hug and snuggle. She is a vocal communicator. She gets along well with all male dogs and is good with some female dogs, but can be testy with other females at times.

She ran as a sled dog for a number of years but wouldn't pull consistently, so we are hoping to find her a home where she can get more personalized attention and exercise!

Adoptions: Services
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