Our Team


Doug Butler


Doug Butler has worked on his family farm his whole life. In 1975 he saw an ad for a dog team in the paper, and he’s been racing sled dogs ever since. He’s one of the most notorious racers on the New England and Quebec circuits, known for his uncanny ability to drink beer on the trail. He's completed some of the most competitive races in the world - including the 2018 Open North American Championship and 2020 Wyoming Pedigree Stage Stop Race.

Check out his documentary!


Ben Barrett


Ben started dogsledding in 2016, when after graduating high school he spent time in the Canadian Arctic. He first got involved with Doug as a freshman at Middlebury College, when Ben helped to train the dogs and learned to race. He worked closely with Doug to found Cobble Hill Kennel and manages the business. This year he raced Cobble Hill Kennel's second team in the 2020 Wyoming Pedigree Stage Stop Race and the Laconia World Championship Sled Dog Derby.


Jules Struzyna


Jules started dogsledding in high school when they were only 16, and has worked at kennels in Wyoming, Alaska, and Vermont. They've been working with Doug's dogs for 4 years and graduated from Middlebury College this February. This year, Jules completed the Laconia World Championship Sled Dog Derby and Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Sled Dog Race.