2021 Stage Stop Race Sponsorship

2021 Stage Stop Race Sponsorship

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Help support Doug, Ben, and the dogs as they travel out to Wyoming to compete in the 2021 Pedgiree Stage Stop Race! Choose a race dog to sponsor to keep up with their progress every day throughout the race. Each dog will only have one sponsor, so act fast!


Sponsors receive:

- Thank you letter and photo of your athlete in a magnetic sleve 

- Your choice of a Cobble Hill Kennel hat

- Daily updates on your dog's progress throughout the Stage Stop Race

- Shareable social media post of Cobble Hill Kennel announcing your sponsorship


What Does Your Sponsorship Money Go To?

100% of sponsorship income goes to dog care and travel expenses. Sponsorships are all about giving these dogs (and mushers!) the chance to travel and race in exciting new places.



We feed our  dogs ground beef mixed with high quality CanineX Chicken Meal & Vegetable dog food from SPORTMiX®. We do not cut corners when it comes to feeding our babies, spending over $350 a year per dog on this blended diet of meat and kibble.


Travel Expenses

This year we're bringing 29 dogs out west with us in our custom built 1995 Ford F-350 dog truck with 240,000 miles on it. She's beautiful, but it's costly keeping her running and driving thousands of miles! We also have to cover the costs of living on the road for 2+ weeks!


Entry Fees

The Wyoming Pedigree Stage Stop Race is one of the largest and most competitive dogsled races in North America, with an entry fee of $1,050 per time


Thank you!