One-Month Emergency Sponsorship

It costs about $360 a year to feed our dogs on a diet of high quality meat and kibble. Unfortunately, this pandemic and lockdown has cut off our cash flow, and dogs don't qualify for unemployment checks.


If you have the means and wish to support the dogs during this crisis, please consider sponosring a dog! This sponsorship covers the cost of feeding one sled dog for one month.


Sponsors receive a thank you card and printed photo of your dog through the mail, as well as digital photos and videos of your dog playing in Vermont sent every other week for the duration of your sponsorship.


Thank you!


What do we feed our dogs?

We feed high quality beef mixed with CanineX Chicken Meal & Vegetable dog food from SPORTMiX®. The CanineX formula is 32% protein, 25% fat, perfect for all working dogs!


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